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“Justice is what love looks like in public, just like tenderness is what love looks like in private.”
~ Dr. Cornel West


Solidarité Milton-Parc is a values and relation based, caring community grassroots initiative, started in November 2015 with 8 current Initiatives including:

  1. Weekly Love and Meal Share
  2. KAIROS Blanket Exercise Coordination and Facilitation
  3. “Whiteness 101” Pedagogy Development (launched by, but independent from SMP)
  4. Connecting Stories series
  5. Sensitization on realities of homelessness series
  6. Alternative Mental Health series
  7. New Support Circle

We recognize that it takes many people to make beautiful things happen, and we recognize and are blessed by the labour that people with heart contribute to human connection and care for and of each other. Nothing would happen without support and collaboration with members of several communities and/or organizations including:

The Milton-Parc Community and the Homeless Community in Milton-Parc (we are One)
The greater Montréal Community
LEARN Quebec
Association Récreative Milton-Parc (ARMP)
United Church of Canada
Montreal Urban Aboriginal Network – Homelessness Working Group
SDC Milton-Parc
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Santropol Roulant

Solidarité Milton-Parc is currently experimenting with a different ‘governance’ structure than the usual colonial one of regular task meetings to get things done – as meetings can be frustrating and often they go nowhere. Given this, each initiative has different people (collaborators) implicated in many different ways, who are building relationships with each other as we go. Collaborators with SMP do labour including expressing their opinions, ideas and feedback for Initiatives, raising money, writing, editing and translating this website, collecting clothing, shopping for and cooking the weekly mealshare meal, sharing love and a hot weekly meal made with love in multiple locations on the street with People in the Homeless Community, co-facilitating a KAIROS Blanket Exercise, presenting an event at ENSEMBLE, participating in ENSEMBLE activities, holding space for beautiful made-vulnerable people, questioning and holding space for others to question our own personal colonized minds, and deciding every day what kind of person we want to be with each other. Initiative to Initiative, we are mindful to address ethical issues as best we can, and practice open-mindedness, open-heartedness and reconciliation when we hurt each other where possible.


For more information and to get involved, please connect with:  [email protected]

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