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Milton-Parc Community Support Circle in Solidarity with the Homeless Community, St. Michael’s Mission & Open Door

(street art by Ben Eine – Mural Festival 2018)


Saturday, July 28th, 2018
3:30 – 6:30

alley behind Notre-Dame-de-Salette Church
(between Jeanne-Mance & du Parc)
in case of rain: ARMP – 3590 Jeanne Mance

The alley and the ARMP are both accessible,
but please note that there are noise and light factors in both locations.


In solidarity with the Homeless Community in Milton-Parc and the Open Door, and according to the values and relation-based approach of Solidarité Milton-Parc, we invite you to join us for our first bilingual Community Support Circle.

We invite *supporters* of People in the Homeless Community in Milton-Parc, St. Michael’s Mission, and the Open Door, to begin a process and practice of connecting and holding space.  Together we can learn about the conditions of oppression and homelessness, through listening with an open-heart and open-mind to experiences we don’t understand. To read some exceptional work on Indigenous Homelessness, you can check out Jesse Thistle’s Definition of Indigenous Homelessness

We recommend that you begin a personal reflection by reading our Guidelines for Direct Sharing.

If you would like to join us to try a new approach to community organizing and development, please register so that we have an idea of how many people we will be.

Community Support Circle Flow

1. Circle of Stories 

What connects you to experiences of marginalization/homelessness/People in the Homeless Community?
(No one will be required to share if they are uncomfortable doing so, listening is also participation)

2. Reflections on Allowing People Space to Exist

su will talk about her experiences doing the weekly hot mealshare and sitting on two homelessness committees, including the Comité d’Implantation de Porte Ouverte. She will talk about planned resources and action to be put in place when the Open Door arrives. She will also discuss the relationship building and collaborations that SMP is working on, to create a possible Cabot-Square-like Community Development Project in Milton-Parc, and how community members might get involved in a respectful way.

su will tell some stories of her experiences building relationships of solidarity and reciprocity in the Homeless and Housed Communities, including mistakes made and important lessons learned when labouring to create Dignified Spaces for All.

*** Please note that su will be speaking as a representative of Solidarité Milton-Parc, and will *not* be speaking as a representative of the Comité d’Implantation.

3. Solidarity Networking

The remaining time will be a chance for people to talk about their ideas and how to most respectfully support asset-based community development for everyone who would like to participate using this approach or in collaboration with the Open Door or St. Michael’s Mission.


To join us, please register


For more information, connect with su at [email protected]


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2 thoughts on “Milton-Parc Community Support Circle in Solidarity with the Homeless Community, St. Michael’s Mission & Open Door

  • Mair Richards

    Yes, I am interested in acting as a volunteer for this new project to take place at Our Lady of Salette. I am not completely bilingual, but can make myself understood! My strengths lie in literacy and can help write letters for people. I can chop vegetables and serve food too!

  • solidaritemiltonparc Post author

    i’m so please to hear this Mair! The Open Door is a special place indeed, where *everyone* gets to be human and loved as they are, and have a community to care for. when we focus on taking care of each other, everyone is taken care of and maybe a little bit healed too. 😉

    peace with justice and hugs,


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