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December 9th ENSEMBLE Activities

People in the Inuit Community who are homeless in Milton-Parc and downtown Montréal guide and direct us in all that we do. This photo of an inukshuk is shared with the gracious permission of those who built it.



Saturday, December 9th, 2017
3:00 – 9:00

Galeries du Parc – 3590 Jeanne Mance
between Milton and Prince Arthur
Place-des-Arts Metro

Enter Les Galeries du Parc mall and the centre is to your left.

Please Note: If you are interested in participating in activities at Solidarité Milton-Parc’s renamed ENSEMBLE Space, we ask that you read and reflect on the values-based approach to the space and why it’s been created. We request that people begin to be mindful of their thoughts and actions towards others, as a collective experiment of how to have difficult and often painful dialogue about colonialism and ongoing oppression. We ask that people join us in the spirit of critical open-mindedness and open-heartedness. Please click here to read our approach.

For information on why we changed the name from the Decolonization Space to ENSEMBLE, please click here.

If you would like to volunteer to support these activities or the ENSEMBLE space, please connect with Su at su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca


Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Solidarité Milton-Parc is launching a community call to all levels of government, particularly the new administration of the City of Montreal, for an increase in community based, non-professional and professional resources for people in the Homeless Community in Milton-Parc. We are excited about the possibilities given the new administration and new available funding sources for people in the Homeless Community. We also intend to do all we can to ensure that *all* MP community member’s questions and concerns are heard and addressed – as we work to build authentic community and an increase in support for community resources.

In order to do this responsibly, education around homelessness, and particularly First Nations, Inuit and Metis Homelessness is necessary. In order to best facilitate this, and give community members a place to come for learning and dialogue, we will be offering activities and events relating to homelessness and to Indigenous World View, Perspectives and Nations at ENSEMBLE for the next 8 months.

If you can’t make it to this ENSEMBLE, but would like to begin to learn more on your own, you can start by reading “How We Define Indigenous Homelessness Matters”, written by Jesse Winter.

You can also listen to a short interview about the new Definition of Indigenous Homelessness in Canada, written by Jesse Thistle, with contributions by dozens of First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples across the country. The comprehensive definition and summary are available in English and French here.


3:30 – 5:00:  Connecting Stories:
                     Learnings from Two Years of Solidarité Milton-Parc’s weekly Mealshare
                      Bilingual – Open Mixed Group

The end of November marks two years of Solidarité Milton Parc’s first community initiative, the weekly mealshare with people in the Homeless Community. We have connected in humility and love with over 200 people, built relationships, and shared tears, laughs and healing. By the numbers, we have shared 2706 meals over the past two years. We’ve made many mistakes, and tried to be constantly mindful of our white ignorance, white privilege and white saviourism. We’ve learned a lot about the differences between charity, solidarity, and reciprocity, and have come to understand the role ongoing colonization plays in First Nations, Inuit and Metis homelessness. Over the past year, we have also been building relations with individuals from other community and frontline organizations.

su will do a 20 minute presentation of her experiences and learnings, after which time, the space will be opened up to questions and dialogue. Please note that su will be talking about her own experiences and will not be telling other people’s personal stories. This is an opportunity for honest, straightforward conversation about the realities of homelessness that is already “in our backyard”.

Please note that this activity will follow the approach and practice of the ENSEMBLE space, which you can read about here.

5:00 – 6:00: Potluck Share
Bilingual – multi-lingual

Come for the activities and stay for the company, or come join us for some informal time together and conversation over food. Bring your leftovers, make something for the potluck share, or bring snacks to share throughout the time we spend together. Or just come and share yourself! If you are unable to bring something, please join us anyway. We are blessed with the use of a big comfy space, and people can eat and share as desired.

For those who would like to discuss Solidarité Milton-Parc’s exciting community building plans for moving forward in 2018, and maybe even how to participate to create a relational, reciprocal community with us, we invite you to come by during this more informal time.

6:00 – 7:30: Reflections on the ENSEMBLE Experiment
Bilingual, Open Mixed Group

After 6 months of events and activities at ENSEMBLE (formerly the Decolonization Space), we feel the need to reflect on the nature of the experiment, the *space-as-practice*, and invite all those who have participated in any way with the space to join us and help us determine the direction from here. We will do a practical circle of perspectives where your stories, and all feedback is needed and welcome.

We invite you to come and share your visions and ideas with us about the use of the space if you should have any to share. The values-based approach means that we *all* make this space the quality that it is. We are all responsible for looking out for the well-being of each other while there, and this is a beautiful and nurturing thing. We also need to reflect on how to respond when people have been hurt, how people’s emotional needs get taken care of, and how to most humbly and intentionally seek reconciliation where possible, when that happens.

We will also outline what type of solidarity support is needed from others to continue hosting this experiment and this space. Please join us with your welcome contribution in this sharing and support activity.

Your feedback is crucial to the continuation of the space, if you are unable to make it to this activity, but would still like to give feedback, please contact su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca


8:00  Space Closing, Collective Clean up and Hugs for Whoever Wants Them 🙂




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