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August 12th ENSEMBLE Activities

People in the Inuit Community who are homeless in Milton-Parc and downtown Montréal guide and direct us in all that we do. This photo of an inukshuk is shared with the gracious permission of those who built it.



Saturday, August 12th, 2017
3:00 – 9:00

Galeries du Parc – 3590 Jeanne Mance
between Milton and Prince Arthur
Place-des-Arts Metro

Enter Les Galeries du Parc mall and the centre is to your left.

Please Note: If you are interested in participating in activities at Solidarité Milton-Parc’s renamed ENSEMBLE Space, we ask that you read and reflect on the values-based approach to the space and why it is being created. We request that people begin to be mindful of their thoughts and actions towards others, as a collective experiment of how to have difficult and often painful dialogue about colonialism and ongoing oppression. Please click here to read our approach.

For information on why we changed the name from the Decolonization Space to ENSEMBLE, please click here.

If you would like to volunteer to support these activities or the ENSEMBLE space, please connect with Su at su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca


Saturday, August 12th Activities


3:30- 5:00  Kissakhwani Bazar of Story Tellers
(animated in English)

Join Fayyaz and friends, share a Story, Share a Meal

Narrating stories is like looking at the mirror. It helps us reconnect with ourselves and others. We can also see ourselves as others and discover our hidden fears and hopes. Story telling creates an intimate space for sharing, caring and listening and helps us weave the dreams of love, joy and happiness. Bring your story and join us for a relaxed evening and a potluck dinner.

Invite friends.

5:15 – 7:00 Potluck Share
(bilingual – multi-lingual)

Come for the stories and stay for the company, or come join us for some informal time together and conversation over a meal. Bring your leftovers, make something for the Mealshare or bring snacks to share throughout the time we spend together. Or just come and share yourself! We are blessed with the use of a big comfy space, and people can eat and share as desired.

We invite all those who have done a KAIROS Blanket Exercise to come share a meal, and continue to process the experience. We are slowly and carefully creating space to explore what we can do beyond the Blanket Exercise to work in solidarity with First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples on Turtle Island.


7:00 – 9:00 The « Saint-Jean Baptiste slip » and the colonial subconscious of the West: screening of the film Afrique 50, by René Vautier, followed by a focused discussion.
(Bilingual animation)

During the 2017 Saint-Jean Baptiste parade in Montreal, what we could call a “colonial slip” occurred: in a seemingly unconscious and unintentional gesture, the organizing committee asked young black students of the Louis-Joseph Papineau high-school to push an allegorical float with only Whites on it, while wearing linen clothes. Despite the apologies and the efforts of contextualizing or excusing this event, the fact remains that the Western social discourse fails to repress entirely such scenes, which recur because they are deeply rooted in the West’s subconscious. According to this subconscious, the “Black” remains a symbol of brute force, someone who is to be exploited, and who isn’t treated as an equal to other human beings.

In an effort to put this recent event back into its historical perspective, and in order to give it the time that it deserves, a screening of the first French anticolonial film, Afrique 50 (René Vautier, 1956), will be held at Solidarité Milton-Parc’s ENSEMBLE Space. It will be followed by a focused discussion which will aim to create space for people to discuss this event.

The goal is also to interrogate the deep causes of this “Saint-Jean Baptiste slip”, using texts and documents in order to do so. By choosing to screen a French film, both visionary and relatively unknown (the movie was banned for more than 30 years), the aim is also to interrogate the specificity of both the francophone discourse and the Québécois perspective in contemporary anti-colonial and intersectional movements.

The screening will start at 7 PM, and will be followed by the discussion.

Bio: Julien Stout is currently a PhD student in French literature at Université de Montréal. His dissertation focuses on the Middle Ages, and more generally on questions of authorship, authority, and power dynamics in cultural representations. Raised in a multicultural context, he followed a degree in humanites, first at Université de Montréal, and then at the Romanistik department of the University of Vienna, where he took special interest in French-speaking postcolonial discourses and literatures.

9:00 Space Closing and Collective Clean-up


Connect with Su at su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca for more information.

Milton-Parc is located on Haudenosaunee traditional territory.

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