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Milton-Parc Community KAIROS Blanket Exercise: June 27th, 2017

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

L’Association Récréative Milton-Parc (ARMP) – Galeries du Parc
3590 Jeanne Mance


Si vous êtes intéressé à participer à un exercice des couvertures KAIROS en français, svp donnez-nous votre nom, l’adresse de couriel, et répondre à la question en français sur le formulaire de l’inscription pour cette exercice ici. Vous serez contacté lorsque nous aurons une date pour un exercice de couverture KAIROS en français. Solidarité Milton-Parc tient à remercier la société de développement communautaire Milton-Parc pour son soutien financier complémentaire pour cet exercice des couvertures KAIROS en français.


We are offering this community Blanket Exercise in deep love and solidarity with the First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples who are part of the homeless community in downtown Montreal – including Milton-Parc – stretching from St-Laurent to Atwater. May we seek to understand with compassion and solidarity, not charity.


Welcome to the KAIROS Blanket Exercise


In response to Montréal’s 375th Birthday, and Canada’s 150th Anniversary, and in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples on these lands we call ‘Quebec’ and ‘Canada’, Solidarité Milton-Parc is hosting the first of many KAIROS Blanket Exercises to come, to people in Montréal.

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The federal and municipal governments are in the process of spending $1.5 Billion on this year’s colonial celebrations. We believe it is critically important for Québécois and Canadians to understand the untold history of the land and relationships between Indigenous Peoples and European Settlers in this country. For those of us who care about social justice, we must properly question and hold to account our colonial governments; and support Indigenous Peoples here who continue to resist ongoing colonization of lands, the conquest and destruction of extractive industries with the political blessings of the government, lack of clean drinking water in communities, ongoing seizure of Indigenous children from their families and communities, high homelessness and incarceration rates, and the list goes on and on. Come join us to begin to learn this untold history, and open your minds and your hearts to learn about intergenerational trauma, and a new understanding of the untold reality of colonization that is the cause of such suffering for Indigenous Peoples here.

We invite people ages 11 and up, to join us for this first community Blanket Exercise. We ask that people who have registered come to check in at 5:45 so that we may start by 6:00. Light refreshments will be served during the break. We also request that people come and stay for the entire 3 hours, as much is lost by missing the Talking Circle that comes after the simulation exercise. Please note that you will be asked to take your shoes off to participate (see video above).

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We plan to offer future KAIROS Blanket Exercises in French in the fall, and to offer alternating French and English exercises every 6-8 weeks or so. In order to do this, we are asking for a contribution of $5 or more for this exercise (you will not be turned away if you are unable to make a contribution). All of this money will go to financial acknowledgements for the Indigenous Elder and/or facilitators, plus light refreshments for participants.  Please note that Solidarité Milton-Parc will not solicit or accept money from either the 375th celebrations of Montréal, nor the 150th celebrations of Canada, and does so as a show of solidarity with Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island.

The ARMP Community Centre at Galeries du Parc is fully accessible and we encourage people with accessibility needs to contact Su at su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca


      Blanket Exercise Facilitation Team:

Vicky Boldo is a Cree/Métis transracial adoptee from the 1960’s – she is a writer and registered energy medicine practitioner. She recently moved out of Montréal to return to nature, but still plays a central role in the Urban Aboriginal community as an activist, cultural teacher, and support worker, violence prevention coordinator, speaker and mentor. Vicky is the proud mother of four and grandmother of four.

Tealey Ka’senni:saks Normandin is a Mohawk adoptee from Kahnawake, Quebec, Bear Clan. She has been working at the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal since 2007 as a support worker. In 2008, she completed her B.A. in Human Relations/ Sociology from Concordia University followed soon after with a Certificate in Life & Executive Coaching. Tealey is a member of the Montreal NETWORK, Social Services committee and Homeless working group and a guest tutor/lecturer with the McGill faculty of Medicine, McGill School of Social work and the Institute for the Study of International Development McGill University. She has been facilitating the KAIROS Blanket Exercise for over a year now and enjoys bringing this teaching to high schools and colleges as well as community organizations. Tealey participates in Traditional ceremonies, Sweat Lodge ceremonies and has been a Fire keeper for sacred fire for the past 9 years. A few of her interests include: Bee keeping, Native leather crafting, beading, sewing, drumming and singing traditional songs.

Emilio Wawatie is an Algonquin Anishnabe from Barrier Lake, Quebec. I’m currently finishing up my college Diploma in Music Performance studies and plan on continuing my education in music in University next fall. I am an activist, musician and a film maker and have been working in the arts on a national and international level for 5 years.

Throughout my life I was raised on the land, on the reserve and in various towns and cities. Being deeply rooted in my culture has played a big role in both my development as a person and as an artist. I do my best to be involved and to keep close ties with all the communities I’ve lived in, both Indigenous and non Indigenous. Being raised by my Grandparents on the land, I was enriched with cultural values, knowledge and practices which were instilled in me as a child. Throughout my teen years I experienced a lot of ups and downs, especially those that came with the urbanization of Indigenous peoples. Discrimination, violence, trauma and addiction have plagued chapters of my life, especially throughout the years I was disconnected from the bush. I was 17 when I left on my own. I began to travel and go back to reconnect with my roots and my family that is spread throughout the territory. It was at this point in my life where the spark was lit; that I realized and knew that I had to help carry on that flame.

Stephanie Claude is a Settler Canadian originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She worked over 15 years as a guidance counsellor, first with adolescents in the context of Montreal high schools and then at the Y des femmes de Montréal (YWCA) with women who had recently immigrated to Montreal. Most recently, Stephanie returned to school to pursue a doctorate in Gender and Feminist Studies at the University of Ottawa.  Greatly inspired by Paulette Regan’s seminal book, “Unsettling the Settler”, she is specifically interested in the role that Settler Canadians need to play in disrupting national mythologies and in repairing Indigenous/Settler relations.

Stephanie is currently training to become a Blanket Exercise facilitator. She believes that the Blanket Exercise gives voice to stories that have been long been silenced, minimized and denied and she looks forward to helping bring the truth of Canada’s colonial history to as many schools, churches, and community organizations as possible.

Stephanie currently lives in Montreal with her husband and three active and inquisitive boys.

Sarah Manolson bio to come

Coordinator: Su Tardif is a settler coming from French, British and Irish ancestry. She is a vulnerability advocate and co-founder of Solidarité Milton-Parc, a grassroots community sharing initiative that works in solidarity with marginalized and oppressed peoples in Milton-Parc. Along with many other people, she does this through sharing love and community resources, and works to construct honest and honouring relationships with marginalized peoples.

Su is the coordinator of SMP’s educational initiatives, and is constantly learning and growing, while coordinating educational activities that aim to create and hold space to have critically important dialogues around our current systems of marginalization and oppression. ENSEMBLE is a new and growing experimental community space that has been created for dialogue and popular education activities and events; and has been used to continue dialogue and learning that is started during the Blanket Exercise.

Su has established community partnerships with KAIROS Canada and LEARN Quebec to bring the KAIROS Blanket Exercise to as many schools, churches and community organizations as possible throughout Montreal and its surrounding area.

This KAIROS Blanket Exercise would not be possible without our developing collaborations between Blanket Exercise facilitators around Montreal, KAIROS Canada and the Association Récréative Milton-Parc (ARMP). We would like to thank QPIRG McGill and the Société de Développement Communautaire Milton-Parc  – who have graciously provided initial funding for this event. Huge thanks to all who support our mission for our educational initiatives.

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For more information, please contact Su at su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca

Milton-Parc is located on Haudenosaunee traditional territory.

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