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April 8th Decolonization Space Activities

(This photo was taken in mid-2015 on the corner of Milton and de Bleury. People in the Inuit community told us that they would construct these Inuksuit and daily people would knock them down, and the community would then rebuild them once again. This photo is posted here with the gracious permission of those who built it.)


Solidarité Milton-Parc’s
Decolonization Space

Galeries du Parc – 3590 Jeanne Mance
between Milton and Prince Arthur
Place-des-Arts Metro

Enter Les Galeries du Parc mall and the centre is to your left.

Saturday, April 8th, 2017
3:00 – 9:00

Please Note:  If you are interested in participating in activities at Solidarité Milton-Parc’s new Decolonization Space, we ask that you read and reflect on the values-based approach to the space and why it is being created. We request that people begin to be mindful of their thoughts and actions towards others, as a collective experiment of how to have difficult and often painful dialogue about colonialism and ongoing oppression.  Please click here to read our approach.


April 8th Activities
3:00 Set-up of Space
Opening Space: Land Acknowledgment & Meditation
3:30 Improv
Animated by Mariam

We want to create a safe space, nothing like play and fun to make it safe. Improv teaches us how to appreciate what people have to bring to the table, appreciate what others say and do, how to pay attention to the subtle details, how to build and co-create, how not to assume and go deeper, how to laugh at your own mistakes, how to use those mistakes to learn and build.

4:15 – 5:45  Whiteness 101 Series: What is “white culture” and “white privilege”?
Animated by Su

This series centres ‘whiteness’ in order to deconstruct and examine it and the role that it plays in all of our lives, whether we like it or not. We will be continuing to dialogue about what is “white culture” and we will introduce the concept and reality of “white privilege”. Please read one or more of the articles linked here for a more complete experience of the dialogue.

For white culture readings:

For white privilege readings:

“White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

“Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person”

“4 Uncomfortable Thoughts You May Have When Facing Your Privilege”


5:45 Mealsharing Potluck & Decolonization Space Discussion

Bring your leftovers, make something for the Mealshare or bring snacks to share throughout the time we spend together. Or just come and share yourself!

7:00   Space Closing and Cleanup


Connect with Su at su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca for more information.

Milton-Parc is located on Haudenosaunee traditional territory.

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