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Blanket Exercise Gathering for Participants, Hosts, Coordinators & Co-Facilitators: Tuesday, January 17th

Please Note: Solidarite Milton-Parc was founded with the self-care of its collaborators in mind. We only move forward with what we have the human resources to do. SMP is looking for collaborators who are interested in co-facilitating the Blanket Exercise in French, as this is currently a weak initiative of SMP. During this gathering, people will be encouraged to speak in English or French, but there will not be English to French translation unless someone can offer it. We also acknowledge that we are only able to partly accommodate these two colonial languages and are not able to offer accommodations for Indigenous languages, but encourage people to speak their language and translate it where possible.


Tuesday, January 17th from 6:30-8:30
ECOLE Project
3559 University

Solidarité Milton-Parc is making exciting connections with people interested in all aspects of the Blanket Exercise. We are organizing a gathering for all those in Montreal who want to learn about, connect, host and/or co-facilitate Blanket Exercises around Montreal and Quebec. We hope to bring people who have not done the exercise (but are interested), together with people who have participated, those who have co-facilitated, and those people who want to host and/or coordinate Blanket Exercises. With this spectrum of experiences, we expect to have a very enriching question and answer Storytelling session, while supporting each other in our efforts to learn, connect and act through this very powerful popular education exercise.

Please note that we will not be doing the Blanket Exercise on that night, but we will be sending out the scripts for people to read who have not done the exercise before, so they can familiarize themselves and come with their own questions or comments. Your questions are especially welcome if you have little to no experience with the Blanket Exercise.

The main purpose of this gathering is to continue to build relationships, networks, ‘mentorships’ and continued learning to get the Blanket Exercise out to as many different groups as possible.

During the second half, we will be discussing coordination and logistics in different contexts (schools, churches, community organizations) and mistakes we’ve made and are correcting.  We will also create a list of co-facilitators that can be shared with others interested in coordinating/hosting Blanket Exercises as collaborators with SMP, or independently in their own respective contexts and communities.

Solidarité Milton-Parc is working on our current approach to decolonization going forward, and the Blanket Exercise is one activity that we are committed to. We invite you to read more about our approach here. We are open to, and welcome your thoughts, comments and participation in our collective learning, connecting and action oriented initiatives.

We invite you to invite everyone you know who is interested in the Blanket Exercise to join us in this gathering. Please feel free to share this page.


For more information and to receive the Blanket Exercise scripts, please contact su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca
Milton-Parc is located on Haudenosaunee traditional territory.



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