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2017 Decolonization Learning & Action Plan

The Popular Education Activities below are what SMP members and collaborators are committing to for 2017, and are Solidarité Milton-Parc’s Popular Education response to the 2017 colonial celebrations of so-called Canada and Montreal.

1. Decolonizing Community Space: a monthly gathering that will serve as an organized physical space for activities/events that can be broken into smaller sections and learning groups. We intend to create our own workshops, in addition to inviting other organizers and activists around Montreal who are doing decolonization work, to use this space and time for their activities/events. This will give people an opportunity to network and to learn through a popular education model of equity, creativity, community and social justice.

2. Blanket Exercise Gathering: A gathering of people who have already facilitated the BE (and want to continue); and those who want to learn how to with support from those who have. This group (plus other community collaborators) will make up the co-facilitator’s list that will be called upon when SMP has Blanket Exercise requests. This gathering is taking place on January 17th, from 6:30 – 8:30, at the ECOLE Project. For more information, click here.

3. Blanket Exercises: Solidarité Milton-Parc is committed to bring the Blanket Exercise to as many schools, churches, community organizations and communities as possible. In order to facilitate this, we act as the first contact for people requesting a Blanket Exercise, and we recruit co-facilitators as well as doing coordination, logistics and co-facilitation for the Exercise.

4. Learning Group based on reading the Executive Summary of the Truth and Reconciliation’s Final Report. Open to community members, may be done via skype or other digital communication.

5. Learning Group based on Chelsea Vowel’s “Indigenous Writes” book. Open to community members, available only in English for now.

6. Decolonization Stories will be an opportunity for people at different points in their decolonization process to tell stories about their experiences, mistakes that they made, what they would do differently and learning that they can pass onto others. Storytelling is a powerful method of mentorship and learning from others. Open to community member participation.

7. Open Dialogue: Decolonizing Community Organizing and Activism – a popular education workshop on how patriarchal structures and colonialism have determined how we do community organizing and activism, and what we can do to decolonize these areas. Open to community member participation.

8. Whiteness 101: a popular education workshop exploring race as a construct, and how ‘whiteness’ is the biggest, most harmful racial construct of all. We will be dialoguing around concepts of white supremacy, patriarchy, white privilege, white culture, white fragility, intersectionality, etc. This will be an interactive workshop and we hope that community members will join us in reflecting on their own privilege. Open to community members.

If you have interest in joining us to organize, support or participate in these activities, please contact Sascha or su@solidaritemiltonparc.ca

Milton-Parc is located on Haudenosaunee traditional territory.

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